Shapes around circles with Geometry nodes

One of my specialties is the design of BMX Pump tracks. For quite a time I want to make a procedural modeling asset of pump tracks because mostly they have very similar properties and parameters, the most custom thing is the layout of a custom area. I could probably learn Houdini but realized that it would take me ages to learn it at the respective level, besides I do have not much use of procedural modeling otherwise. A big event for me is the appearance of Geometry Nodes in Blender 3D which is the 3D modeling tool I use. I made many experiments while learning principles and functionality, and gradually tried to get closer to my major goal. I stuck with precision arcs which would make it possible to attach the forms of turns. My good colleague Emīls Geršinskis-Ješinskis (Thank You!) suggested to inspire by the works of Dimitris Ladopoulos. (Take a look I was very impressed and I saw the opportunity to try to recreate the principle of creating those generated shapes around the centers. This challenge was not easy, with a lot of tweaking, and brain-boiling, but it seems I’ve succeeded in about a week of working […]
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Graphic for merchenise product

This graphic is for making new products for project supporting store. Photos were used for reference to make those helmets in vector graphics. Everything else was just matter of composition. Some inspiration was from “Drakula” move poster with slogan “Love never dies”. I hope You like it! Please consider to support BMX information platform by buying products in store !
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