3d portrait of Valdemārs

This work was interesting and pleasant from many aspects: Krišjānis Valdemārs (the person on picture) was important figure in Latvian history on the way for Latvian nation to establish it’s own country. At his time it was just naive dream. While working on project, I learned some more facts related to Valdemārs. I also plan to go to library soon. More about this historical person from 19.cent. This was reconstruction. Only low quality and few pictures are available both, in archives and internet. So most of details and colors are imaginary, using logic and references from other people. I went through many studies to make this portrait done: anatomy of the head and it’s parts, ingredients/art and science of skin shading, distribution and parameters of hair, pores, glossiness, color, veins, etc. I’ve met new friend, expert of Anatomy for Sculptors – Uldis Zarins. You can consider to buy his book if interested in character design. I enjoyed(not always ) and sometimes even freaked out from test-renders when face started to look believable(for me ) I found and reported some issues with hair systems and compositor. Must say that this wasn’t most pleasant part when I needed to repeat large amount […]
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Generic skyscrapers

I started to experiment with modeling skyscrapers from simple forms, then with material shader, describing windows and constructions, but then it turned on such Sci-fi event. Again – only all-mighty Blender3d and it’s native compositor – no painting, retouching in PS. I continued my previous experiment with multi-story buildings made from simple origin forms developed by stack of different modifiers. One of building is same from “Invasion of the City” picture. Still there’s no any retouching, other software – only blender. In this picture I made also clods with smoke simulation. Clouds were rendered separately by masking with layer fo buildings and then I added cloud-pass inside compositor. Compositor setup is almost same as in previous work. Just little corrected balance and colors as clouds added overall brightness.
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Aging Base ball

My task was complex: To make believable 3d mesh of well known leather base ball with realistically looking seams. And also make flexible shader so I could dynamically add age to the ball. Needless to say that except decals, all textures and masks used for shader are procedural. I still hope that I could make timelapse alike animation with ball aging.
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