Own eVTOL Project – “LadyBird”

Tags like airtaxi electricflight hashtagevtol airtaxi urbanairmobility flyingtaxi futureofmobility electricflight airtaxi avgeek flugtaxi lufttaxi greentech airtravel regionalairmobility are trending big time now. And I see more and more concepts of flying regional electric taxi, passenger drones, with vertical takeoff capabilities. And I was very concerned about lack of gliding option of most of the concepts, even provided by Airbus, NASA and Embraer which are very serious players in field and market. NO! I wanted to step in at least with my conceptual idea which provides this automated air taxi concept with gliding feature which saves energy and also saves lives when there’s no engine power. And it also can save energy if the runway is available. So vertical takeoff is jost on spots like rooftops, helipads, special air taxi parking lots.

If You are aviation-related and would like to cooperate to develop this concept, please contact. I am open to opportunities and to help with much more ideas.

Will be more images and videos related to this concept. I already have modifications in mind.