About me


My name is Janis. I am proud to be from a modest possible country in the world – Latvia. I like digital 3d stuff since forever, or at least from the time I first time saw its appearance on a computer. My first practical use of 3d techniques was in the architectural office, where I started to use Graphisoft Archicad. But from the beginning, I understood that it has limitations in terms of making something real looking. So it means I must to learn another kind of modelling and rendering tools. But my way parted with architecture and 3d as I started to work in the web-design field where I could satisfy my needs for living in the situation I was at the moment.
But then, after a long time, through my personal interest and involvement in BMX racing, I started to look for tools which could help me to prepare designs and proposals of BMX tracks, facilities. I started with Sketchup and step by step I realized again that I should learn more advanced tools in order to make more realistic results. So I started to learn Blender, again. Yeah – because I started once before without much need and I found it too hard to learn fast. But this time there were lots of tutorials and huge improvements including Cycles renderer. This motivated me a lot, especially I found clients interested in good quality pictures of BMX tracks. It helped me a lot to improve myself and develop my knowledge in numberless techniques of modelling, shading, rendering and post process.
It only gets more and more interesting. And it wasn’t a long time until I got works also form other clients. I even worked In the office sometime after just 1,5-year amateur experience of 3d and did quite advanced stuff. That company still supplies me with works, so it could mean something. So now I am a full time freelance 3d artist, rising my client base which is a parallel and long process, and I don’t stop to enjoy everyday learning about 3d tools and techniques.

Big Thanks to everyone appreciating my work and attitude so I can do what I really like!

Special thanks to Clark & Kent Contractors - my first 3D clients, best builders of BMX tracks.
Also, I want to mention project - community-driven resource about BMX worldwide.


3D Modeling, Materials, Rendering, Postprocess

2D Tools

  • Photoshop, Gimp, Fireworks, Inkscape, Corel


  • Latvian - native
  • Russian - second native
  • English - good