Visualisation using Unreal Engine

First time I used Unreal Engine 4(Game engine) for my professional task. It was a huge game changer!!! Client overseas was able to see the whole scene of tens of houses, thousands of trees, many people, cars real-time live, through Skype and we worked together on designs of houses from sketches, on details.
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Outworn chair

Had some time to play around new texturing techniques and software to see how well it goes.  
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Integrating objects into image

Some of my clients needed to add/composite in some objects in to photo of empty hall so that they look close to reality. So it means that I should fake similar lights of original space, by making rough model – replica of hall so that light would come in and bounce in similar way. Camera matching and model was done in sketchup, then lighting, render layers – in blender. Thanks to volumetric rendering option of Cycles which allows to make clouds/steam.
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Merry Christmas with a snowflake!

Don’t even try to model something like snowflake! 🙂 At the beginning I tried to figure out how to make model of snowflake, but then I found Incendia , fractal engine made by Ramiro Perez (Aexion). He provides Snowflake fractal generator for donors, donating for his effort, but for free You can get base software for generating interesting and random fractal models, which You can then export as .obj or .stl formats. I was happy to donate some in this special Christmas time and make decent renders of snowflakes quite fast. Snowflake generator is really interesting stuff and interesting to watch how random fractal crystals of flake are growing. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
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Mug and lights

I had test to try make mug with the print as real as possible as it was real product photo. So these are stages, different light and saddle material changes and even after them there are spaces for improvement.
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Shower faucet, water

Each free day I am doing some exercise with aspects I am not really confident. This time I tried fluid simulation, which I did not use before. As it was not animation I used just one stream, and applied different frames of one stream animation to make these multiple(in fact only 12) streams which I randomly distributed. Simple glass shader used for water with 1.333 for IOR. Everything else – nothing special. No external apps – only compositor.
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Steam. Competition wining entry

Blendernation started to organize fast weekend competitions. Task of first competition called “Steam” was to make something using smoke simulation. Gladly I won this competition. Most interesting is that I used only procedural textures to make materials of cover and asphalt. Picture above is raw volumetrics shader tryout. So it’s just for interest.
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GIF. Drop to waves

Just experimented with soft body simulations. And rendered it out as sequence for cyclic GIF animation.  
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Generic skyscrapers

I started to experiment with modeling skyscrapers from simple forms, then with material shader, describing windows and constructions, but then it turned on such Sci-fi event. Again – only all-mighty Blender3d and it’s native compositor – no painting, retouching in PS. I continued my previous experiment with multi-story buildings made from simple origin forms developed by stack of different modifiers. One of building is same from “Invasion of the City” picture. Still there’s no any retouching, other software – only blender. In this picture I made also clods with smoke simulation. Clouds were rendered separately by masking with layer fo buildings and then I added cloud-pass inside compositor. Compositor setup is almost same as in previous work. Just little corrected balance and colors as clouds added overall brightness.
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