Shapes around circles with Geometry nodes

One of my specialties is the design of BMX Pump tracks. For quite a time I want to make a procedural modeling asset of pump tracks because mostly they have very similar properties and parameters, the most custom thing is the layout of a custom area. I could probably learn Houdini but realized that it would take me ages to learn it at the respective level, besides I do have not much use of procedural modeling otherwise. A big event for me is the appearance of Geometry Nodes in Blender 3D which is the 3D modeling tool I use. I made many experiments while learning principles and functionality, and gradually tried to get closer to my major goal. I stuck with precision arcs which would make it possible to attach the forms of turns. My good colleague Emīls Geršinskis-Ješinskis (Thank You!) suggested to inspire by the works of Dimitris Ladopoulos. (Take a look I was very impressed and I saw the opportunity to try to recreate the principle of creating those generated shapes around the centers. This challenge was not easy, with a lot of tweaking, and brain-boiling, but it seems I’ve succeeded in about a week of working […]
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Experiment with the geometry nodes

I am getting more and more familiar with Blender’s growing feature – “Geometry nodes” for procedural modeling and animation. I am loving it, though it has a long way in development with much-needed functionality. This animation was created as a result of my own challenge to make arched splines randomly moving from starting point to their end. I also added proximity detection with position offset to make the original sphere more interesting.
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Own eVTOL Project – “LadyBird”

Tags like #airtaxi #electricflight hashtag#evtol #airtaxi #urbanairmobility #flyingtaxi #futureofmobility #electricflight #airtaxi #avgeek #flugtaxi #lufttaxi #greentech #airtravel #regionalairmobility are trending big time now. And I see more and more concepts of flying regional electric taxi, passenger drones, with vertical takeoff capabilities. And I was very concerned about lack of gliding option of most of the concepts, even provided by Airbus, NASA and Embraer which are very serious players in field and market. NO! I wanted to step in at least with my conceptual idea which provides this automated air taxi concept with gliding feature which saves energy and also saves lives when there’s no engine power. And it also can save energy if the runway is available. So vertical takeoff is jost on spots like rooftops, helipads, special air taxi parking lots. If You are aviation-related and would like to cooperate to develop this concept, please contact. I am open to opportunities and to help with much more ideas. Will be more images and videos related to this concept. I already have modifications in mind.
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Visualisation using Unreal Engine

First time I used Unreal Engine 4(Game engine) for my professional task. It was a huge game changer!!! Client overseas was able to see the whole scene of tens of houses, thousands of trees, many people, cars real-time live, through Skype and we worked together on designs of houses from sketches, on details.
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Outworn chair

Had some time to play around new texturing techniques and software to see how well it goes.  
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Integrating objects into image

Some of my clients needed to add/composite in some objects in to photo of empty hall so that they look close to reality. So it means that I should fake similar lights of original space, by making rough model – replica of hall so that light would come in and bounce in similar way. Camera matching and model was done in sketchup, then lighting, render layers – in blender. Thanks to volumetric rendering option of Cycles which allows to make clouds/steam.
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Merry Christmas with a snowflake!

Don’t even try to model something like snowflake! 🙂 At the beginning I tried to figure out how to make model of snowflake, but then I found Incendia , fractal engine made by Ramiro Perez (Aexion). He provides Snowflake fractal generator for donors, donating for his effort, but for free You can get base software for generating interesting and random fractal models, which You can then export as .obj or .stl formats. I was happy to donate some in this special Christmas time and make decent renders of snowflakes quite fast. Snowflake generator is really interesting stuff and interesting to watch how random fractal crystals of flake are growing. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
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Mug and lights

I had test to try make mug with the print as real as possible as it was real product photo. So these are stages, different light and saddle material changes and even after them there are spaces for improvement.
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